Jenkins and the internet

26 Feb

     Realizing that teens make up more than half of the internet was and astonishing fact that furture teachers need to realize is only going to increase.  Our kids will also be considered media creators, even more than kids are now. While it is unusual to think that kids using SIMS and sites like this are learning just as much or more than they do in school, it is important to take into consideration the way these kids learn; which ways are the most interesting and fun for them. But it is not just kids using these sites who are and will be the media creators. Any person who has made a blog entry or used twitter is a part of this growing media age, we are all creators.
Computers are helping this technology age increase our understanding and provide other kids with different ways to increase their learning, but what about the people who don’t have these resources available to them? Anyone who does not have a computer is atleast lucky enough to be able to access simple thing on library computers or school compuers, but we are forgetting a simple fact. Most of these kids may not know how to physically use a computer. This means that it is important for us to teach them, not to ignore it. If others are gaining knowledge from these sites, the less fortunate should be able to as well. It does not make them any less capable, it just means they need a little extra help and support from the people around them. An important quote that i think everyone should keep in mind from the Jenkins piece is that “families have to be connected or else they will fall behind, and, in many cases never catch up”. We need to make sure no one falls behind and that everyone has an equal opportunity.


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