writing & technology

26 Feb

“Electronic and digital technology are helping to refashion the writing space again”. I think this quote perfectly depicts the main point that all of these articles are trying to implant in our brains. In professor Tweedie’s module we learned about the inportance of using these technologies in our futrures as teachers and now, in this module, in our readings the same theme is coming up. Technology is completely chnging the way we write and work with different materials, but all of these materials and new technologies are related to everything in our past. As stated in the Writing as Technology piece, all of the new technologies are linked to our past whether it is a type writter transforming into a computer or with the easy erasing from a chalkboard to the simple “backspace” button on our computers. I think that people feel these past writing instruments are so far off from what we use today that we can barely recognize them as being similar.

In James Gee’s piece, the very first paragraph caught my attention, in fact, the very first line. “When people learn to play video games, they are learning a new literacy”. Can this be serious? Is it possible? Somethings i never realized or even thought about as being a part of our literacy criteria when if fact, it may be an even better when to project literacy than our usually ways with speaking, reading, and writing. Multiplicity of literacy is show in our daily life whether we realize it or not. Websites, billboards, and newspapers use this technique every day to catch our attention and to make us use our literacy skills. Writing is always paired with a picture and pictures are frequently presented with words, showing us that both reading and symbols/pictures are important. That is why video games are seen as learning a form of literacy. Kids are seeing these symbols on gaming devices that force them to decipher what they mean and interpret them. Isn’t that what we are doing with things like newspapers, billboards,a nd websites? All off these things contribute to our learning and we shouldn’t be help back by definitions, we should expand our ways just like technology is expanding.

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