Learning is Fun!

28 Feb

“Preschool children have the cognitive ability to engage in make-believe, which gives them greater access to the play worlds of computer and video games.” (Dorothy E. Warner) For children, playing video games is much easier because they do not take things as literally as someone of an older age would. Children are much more imaginative and free- moving than we are.

By introducing children to video games in an early childhood education classroom, you can expand their horizons. By making lessons interactive and fun it makes children want to jump into what their learning instead of repel from learning. As a college student wanting to become a future educator, finding ways to keep the students’ interest and to keep them involved is extremely important. You never want to be known as the “boring teacher.”

In a class I took called Educational Technologies, we learned how to make an interactive PowerPoint activity to do with children in a classroom. While a PowerPoint is not a video game, it is still a type of technology that is incorporated into a child’s learning process. There are many educational gaming systems such as LeapFrog that are based for younger aged children and they have fun games that are all about learning to read, write, do math, do science, etc. these games do everything to help children learn. They are affordable, and most classrooms now have projectors that you could hook the games up to so the whole class can see.

Computer and Video Game Play in Early Childhood


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