Self Identity

1 Mar


     The idea of self identity that many of us constantly search for every single day. Whether it is with a group of friends or online, it is always something we think of.  Online, they are more frequently known as “MUDs” and they allow people to form virtual communities where they can mask their actual identities and make their own.  “In this, participating in a MUD has much in common with script writing, performance art, street theater, improvisational theater, or even commedia dell’arte”. Not only as they seen as this but they  allow people to be something they are not in real life. As people participate they become more than a person on a video game but more as people constructing themselves as new people. As one person stated, “Part of me, a very important part of me, only exists inside PernMUD,” These can be things people don’t want others to see about themselves or it can be something that many people aspire to, but whatever the reason, the important thing to see is that these things are a big part of some people’s lives and it is something they use every single day.

     Personally, on Facebook I post information including where I live, quotes I love, my friends, what school I go to, the school I attend, etc. While many people may see this as a place to post depressing status’ all day long, I think of it as a place to connect with family, friends who don’t live near me, and to talk to the very close people in my life. I use it to post pictures and videos, mainly things I think are an important part of me and my life. For my Twitter, I do not put as much personal information, just one or two main things about me so friends can recognize me. I used to think it was ridiculously dumb until it became an overwhelming trend and suddenly I found myself wanting to know what the big deal was, now I am addicted. I did not tweet that much when I first got my twitter because I was not really sure what to say but now I tweet all the time and connect with people all day long, usually 20 tweets a day about all kinds of thoughts, moments, and people I come across. I agree with Nicole  if we posted this many times on Facebook, but for Twitter it is not unusual.



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