Video games

1 Mar

Video games have become a huge part of our generation and it seems everywhere we go there is someone talking about a video game or we walk into the food court at Rowan and there are multiple people playing video games for hours. I think we need to realize the huge influence these games and consoles actually have on our lives. While I was a huge video game fan when I was younger, I grew out of that phase and I only play games with my boyfriend every once in a while. Although this is true, I have also never thought of a video game as being educational, as I am sure many people would agree, but I can also say that after reading many of these articles, they really are.
The video games these kids are playing are not only providing a place for self identity but it also promotes learning. Many people that have played these games can learn how to solve puzzles, strategics, and learn new tactics. I think it is extremely important to realize that young kids seem to know how to play these games as soon as they are born. Babysitting, kids can whip out their controllers and immediately know how to play while I am using two fingers, struggling trying to follow what they are doing. Even with games that have just come out, like Just Dance, the kids learn the dance steps so quickly while I need to practice several hours to learn one dance. Video games are taking over and I think we need to start seeing them as good things that can help our learning, not hinder it.


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