Facebook Experiment

3 Mar

Wordle: Facebook

It is almost safe to assume that everyone knows about Facebook, the social network that everyone flocks too. Some say that Facebook is an addictive site. Others think that they can stop Facebook whenever they want. Well I am here to tell you that I did stop Facebook for a week and it is very difficult, at least for me.

Some say that Facebook distracts you from doing your important work during the day. To me Facebook does do that, but I noticed that with out Facebook, I found other ways to distract my self. I am a procrastinator and Facebook is only one of the many things I use to procrastinate. I can also procrastinate by taking a nap, watching TV, cooking, and the list goes on and on. To blame Facebook for my problems with procrastination would not be accurate.

I do miss Facebook though. I miss seeing my friends new pictures and what they are doing. I have some friends who live far away and I like to stay in contact with them. I am not very good at staying in contact with people and Facebook helps me stay in contact with far away friends. I recently noticed that I had a lot of friends on Facebook, about 400. I decided that I would not talk to a lot of these so called “friends” so I deleted about half of my Facebook friends. I am taking a different approach to Facebook, only friending people who I would actually talk to. The best rule I can come up with is, if you can not put something on their Facebook wall than you probably should delete them. My dad actually taught me this concept. He uses Facebook to stay in contact with old college buddies that now live across the country. He always keeps his friends to a minimal, they consist of people that he would actually talk to and call on the phone.

My experiment with being off Facebook will end this coming Tuesday and I can’t wait to go back on. I enjoy Facebook because I like to be connected to my friends, and share experiences with them through pictures and posts. Facebook is not harming me but aiding me by staying in contact with people that I would have lost other wise.


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