facebook vs twitter

5 Mar

I never thought living without Facebook would be as easy as it was but without having it to regularly see what friends are doing or to see new pictures being added, I have more time to tweet on my twitter account. While many times I find it hard to tweet three times a day for class, I can always find something random to tweet. Throughout the day I can tweet multiple times but when it comes to making a tweet for class, I draw a blank. In fact, when I look at other people’s tweets I think to myself, “I wonder how they thought of that” or I see others who often tweet “I don’t know what to tweet” and I think to myself, why didn’t I think to do something that simple myself. It turns out that tweeting three times a day is harder than I thought it would be and I am very surprised each day when I spend several minutes thinking of what to tweet. As the semester has continued though, I have interacted more with other people in the class making it much easier to retweet things they say or to even comment on tweets they have posted. It makes the whole process much easier and this way I have more than three tweets a day for class.


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