No Facebook

5 Mar

“No Facebook for one week”. Those words almost put me into a panic on Tuesday but I hav not really missed it since then While it has only been two days, I have not missed it and in fact, I realized why I spent so much time on it. NOt becasue I love seeing other people’s complaints or becasue I need to know where someone is traveling over spring break, but just because I liked to procrastinate and not get started doing homeowrk. Frequently while writing papers I find myself saying “Facebook check” simply becasue I have a break in my train of thought and instead of just thinking abouyt my nect idea, checking Facebook is the more realistic option.
While our addictions to Facebook seem absurd and the thought of not using it for a week may send many into a panick, it really is not as bad as many may think. I find myself doing homework sooner and having more time to chat with friends and do other things with them. I think this experiment will be successful and make me realize that it is not something I need to go on five times a day for basically no specific reason.

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