Old Habits Die Hard

5 Mar

Crest or Colgate? A&P or ShopRite? The places to shop and brands to buy are never ending and it always seems that we prefer one over the other. How silly is it to pay more for certain brands and to shop at three different stores in order to get your favorite milk, shampoo, and meat selection. After reading this article, I realized how ridiculous it actually was to do thins but they make a good point, we all like to stick to our traditions. So the question is, how to we change those traditions. According to Target, their marketing for their supplies is crucial to how well their stores do and how much money they make. They think that by targeting expecting mothers in their second trimester is the most effective way to get people to buy anything and everything they could possible need at their stores.
“We knew that if we could identify them in their second trimester, there’s a good chance we could capture them for years,” Pole told me. “As soon as we get them buying diapers from us, they’re going to start buying everything else too. If you’re rushing through the store, looking for bottles, and you pass orange juice, you’ll grab a carton. Oh, and there’s that new DVD I want. Soon, you’ll be buying cereal and paper towels from us, and keep coming back.” I think this is brilliant of Target because their tactics are so simple and yet completely accurate. One of my family members, my aunt, just had a baby recently and she is a very picky eater and she likes certain brands for all of her foods. She is a single mom and found herself shopping at Target very frequently because it was down the street from her house. Since she was buying baby formula there, she was also picking up clothing, toys a few items for herself, and several groceries to put in the fridge. She was not a person who would ever do this but I think because her time is limited to when she can shop, stores like Target are a big hit. Working full time, she wants to spend as much time with her child as possible and by going to places that have everything you need, it cuts down on shopping times dramatically.

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