You Tube Phenomenon

15 Mar

After watching An Anthropological Introduction to You Tube it made me think about my own “You Tube Journey”. My dad is very technology savvy and is always telling me about the new phenomena on the internet.  I remember when my dad first told me about You Tube and of course it was around the time You Tube first came out.  Nobody really knew what to think about You Tube but I remember him telling me, “Look Laur, you can put yourself or anything you want up on the internet. You can become your own little star.”

This was all happening while I was in high school, so You Tube was exploding around me.  When you walked down the halls you would hear about the new video on You Tube. I used You Tube in high school to figure out how I would act out a certain song on stage because everyone put their performances up on You Tube. I finally made my own account and put my first video up. The video was of me in Footloose singing Let’s Hear It for The Boys.  It didn’t catch on like a lot of other You Tube videos but to this day it has over 1,000 views.  If you think about it one thousand more people saw that video, and that is amazing.

You Tube is an amazing phenomenon. It gives people the opportunity to do things such as create movies, music videos, instructional videos, and much much more. It’s a powerful tool for freedom of speech. You can also use You Tube in the classroom. It is a great place to get free material and every teacher likes educational material that is free. We should not sensor You Tube from the schools. We should learn how to use it to our benefit. You can actually learn a lot from You Tube. For example my brother made three experimental steady cams and learned the concepts all from watching You Tube videos. You Tube gives people the opportunity to show the world what they can do. 

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