Is the World Obsessed with Facebook?

17 Mar

“The study also found that low-conscientious procrastinators used Facebook as a way to avoid doing actual work,” is a quote from the online article Study: Your Facebook Personality is the Real You, by Alicia Eler. This article really made me think am I who I want to be online and in reality? In reality I think yes. But, I am portraying this online? Sometimes I wish I had never started Facebook because I know a few people my age, 20, that never got on Facebook. Although I am very careful about what I put on my Facebook and Twitter, I still fear that one day there is the possibility of social networking having a negative impact on my life. Hopefully, it will never come down to Facebook deciding if I get a job or not.

Facebook is for sure a form of procrastination. I jump on the computer just to see what funny things my friends have posted or to check the video my friends were talking about at lunch that is on whoever’s wall. Then 20- 30 minutes later I realize I am still scrolling down my news feed. Thirty minutes that I have pretty much wasted and used to put off the work I actually have to do. The population includes people of all ages from middle school students to retired adults, who are all logging in a lot of time online.

However, it is amazing that in those 20 minutes millions of people are posting and completing millions of things on Facebook. The YouTube Video by Alex Trimpe called, “The World is Obsessed With Facebook,” shows how much really happen in those 20 minutes all around the world.


Some of the facts really shocked me:

Data shows that1 in 13 people in the world are on Facebook.

48% from 18- 34 of people log on to Facebook first thing in the morning.

57% of people talk more online then in real life.

40% of young Americans said they find out news through Facebook.

 It is absolutely mind blowing because this data shows people all around the world really are obsessed with Facebook. It makes me think how much more could have been accomplish in the world if Facebook was never invented. Say doctors around the world had 1,851,000 attempts at finding a cure for cancer in twenty minutes instead of there being that many status updates in only twenty minutes. Or 2,716,000 messages were sent to protest a bill in congress instead of that many message sent on Facebook. And if the 57% of people who talk more online than in real life, reversed that statistic how many great things could have been said that had the possibility to change something in the world? I feel as if social networking using are more willing to post, message, or link something on Facebook than to do something in real life that can make a difference. As every twenty minutes go by in a day people are doing more on Facebook than in real life as they hide behind a computer screen.

But will it ever change?

Only time will tell, and if someone stands up and says something in real life and not through a keyboard. 


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