Copyright Infringement?

23 Mar

When surfing the web have you ever wondered where some of the stuff you are reading actually comes from? Unless something is copyrighted, there is no proof if the ideas are the ideas of the person who posted the stuff. I surf the internet all the time and it never even comes to mind that a picture I’m using or an idea I get could be copyrighted.

All of this also plays into the issue that all college students have to make sure they do not commit; plagiarism. Unless you properly cite a source, it is considered plagiarizing and you could get kicked out of the school you are attending.  It is a serious issue. In high school, i was never taught how to properly cite my work and in college it is expected of you to know how to do it.

There are some websites where you are required to submit your paper online and it checks to see if you stole any of your work from the internet. The only thing is though, (as we discussed in class) there are only so many combi
nations of the words you are using. Something you write innocently in your own words could possibly be somewhere out there on the internet and you would have no idea. But, since this website found it somewhere online, you could get penalized for plagiarism.


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