24 Mar

The theme that keeps coming up in all of the readings and videos is the fact that we all have our own identity and we are consistently trying to figure out ways to show it to everyone. Whether it is on gaming sites like SIMS or on YouTube, it never seems to go away. While all of these people and places are separate, I feel as though we should start seeing them as one, large place where we all interact. Online people pose this new identity, something new about them but is it really a new identity? Or is it something they feel more free to show on a camera? Either way I think it is important to see this correlation between he two and realize that maybe these online sites should be used more. It might offer a place for people to come out of their shell and become more comfortable with who they are. Since places like Facebook and YouTube are only growing in size and with users, it might be time to change our ways of teaching and learning to utilize these new technologies people are so fond of. Especially bein that all of us would like to be teachers, the point of all of this is to find new and improved ways to make learning as fun and effective as possible. That change might happen sooner than we think with the increasing number of people finding online places the thing to use.

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