24 Mar

I never realized how large of a phenomenon YouTube has become and how many people actually use it today and how large the growth has been since it was first made. It links people in ways that we never would have thought and in the video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” we can see just how interacted we are with people from around the world. Wesch made a video online and wanted to use music from a guy in Africa and because this man put his music on creative commons, Wesch was able to use his music without stealing it. One person comment on this video saying this “It’s amazing to actually reflect on the significance of this platform and the culture that has grown out of it. I’ve heard people criticize youtube as being 90% babies and guys getting hit in the junk, but at the same time there are conversations, relationships, and movements that start here, and go on to impact the world.” I think this is a brilliant way of looking at the world of youtube and we should realize the platforms it has allowed us to use. Using creative commons allows us to collaborate with people around the world across time and space legally. If things are liked online, more and more people get a chance to see it. This is how people like Keenan Cahill get videos with 50 cent and other famous people. It is not just a place to put up dumb videos but its a place to interact with the world.

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