The Identity of a Teacher

25 Mar


Some say that everyone changes their “identity” in different situations, from being on the internet to talking with your family. Teachers need to have a “perfect identity”. They are always being put up on pedestals and no one remembers that they are human too.

I do agree that teachers should have a sense of ethics. But, we need to understand that they are human too. Teachers cannot be perfect one hundred percent of the time, and neither can anybody else. If you put a teacher on a very high pedestal they only have a longer way to fall down.

Identity is who you are, where you have come from, and what your personality is. Teachers need to have a “secret identity” because they must be perfect. They cannot drink alcohol because this is not considered being perfect. They also should not have a social network page such as Facebook or Twitter because they could also talk about things that may not be considered “perfect”.

A teacher’s “secret identity” is how they really are with their friends and family. They cannot let their students see this person, the other side. It is what society has made teachers to be and why when they fall off the pedestal it is such a long drop.


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