Identity Project Summary

27 Mar

For my Prezi I looked at how we see the different sites we use. I used pictures of myself and photos I have taken to help with my identity. As well as images of each of the sites I have a profile on. In my narrative I wrote about how we are trained to be apart of these social sites like mice are trained in mazes. Each of the domains has different norms that become habits and a part of our daily routine. Then i showed my affinity groups that consist of my followers and friends. Throughout my narrative I compared the identities of the virtual world to the real world by using the symbol of the seesaw and how a balance is necessary, but not always possible. I feel as if this assignment showed me how so many people turn to the virtual world to show who they really are. That even I use my online identity as a part of my daily routine. Now it seems like the Internet and virtual world is taking over my identity, but it is still showing who I am. The seesaw has remained weighted toward the virtual world, but I have found a way to stay connected in the real world with out virtual means becoming my only identity. I want to know if there can ever be a balance between the two worlds.




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