28 Mar

Have you ever thought about why you always get ads for super cute shoes or amazing vacation destinations on Facebook? Well, I never thought about it until I read an article for class called “How Companies Learn Your Secret.” Facebook keeps track of all the sites we visit and show ads for the sites we visit the most. For example, I am always looking up flights and vacation destinations, which is why I always have ads for some vacation on my Facebook. I find it very creepy that the sites I use are being tracked. It feels almost like my privacy is being invaded. However, we are not only being tracked online, but in stores as well. Target gives everyone of their customers a “guest ID” and keeps track of everyone of their customers by what they buy, the emails they open from target, etc. The “guest ID” has information about the customers age, marital status, whether or not he/she has children, and their estimated salary. They can also find out information about you ethnicity, the magazines you read, or the type of coffee you drink. It is almost like you can’t go shopping anymore without being tracked. There is no such thing as privacy anymore.


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