Final Prezi Project!!

6 Apr

For the Prezi project on Identity I focused on the different online profiles I have created for myself. Throughout my project I showed viewers how I use the Internet and the comparison of my virtual and real world identities. While doing this project I really thought about how I portray myself and use the Internet. In the end I realized that I do use the Internet a lot, but I have projected myself on to the internet in appropriate ways. At the conclusion of the project I realized I am happy with who I am on the Internet and certainly off of the internet. It is amazing how much people use the Internet on a daily basis. I have numerous profiles online that create semiotic domains with pictures, texts, and videos that have showed people my identity. Overall, I think I was successful with showing who I am on the Internet, evaluate how I use it, and analyze some of the articles we had looked at throughout this module. ENJOY!


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