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11 Apr

Sorry guys I got the dates mixed up with another project I had due this past week. With that being said, I focused my prezi on my identity and how all of the online sites I use daily portray different parts of my identity. Parts of my identity are only expressed on these online sites like facebook and twitter, but at the same time, I am portraying myself as a whole in each of them. I share different information in each one, depending on who the online site is geared toward. I also discussed how stores can track what we buy and determine what ads we see and what pop-ups appear on our computers. I learned a lot about my online world but I also learned a lot about myself while completing this project, it was very interesting to see this transformation.

24 Mar

The theme that keeps coming up in all of the readings and videos is the fact that we all have our own identity and we are consistently trying to figure out ways to show it to everyone. Whether it is on gaming sites like SIMS or on YouTube, it never seems to go away. While all of these people and places are separate, I feel as though we should start seeing them as one, large place where we all interact. Online people pose this new identity, something new about them but is it really a new identity? Or is it something they feel more free to show on a camera? Either way I think it is important to see this correlation between he two and realize that maybe these online sites should be used more. It might offer a place for people to come out of their shell and become more comfortable with who they are. Since places like Facebook and YouTube are only growing in size and with users, it might be time to change our ways of teaching and learning to utilize these new technologies people are so fond of. Especially bein that all of us would like to be teachers, the point of all of this is to find new and improved ways to make learning as fun and effective as possible. That change might happen sooner than we think with the increasing number of people finding online places the thing to use.


24 Mar

I never realized how large of a phenomenon YouTube has become and how many people actually use it today and how large the growth has been since it was first made. It links people in ways that we never would have thought and in the video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” we can see just how interacted we are with people from around the world. Wesch made a video online and wanted to use music from a guy in Africa and because this man put his music on creative commons, Wesch was able to use his music without stealing it. One person comment on this video saying this “It’s amazing to actually reflect on the significance of this platform and the culture that has grown out of it. I’ve heard people criticize youtube as being 90% babies and guys getting hit in the junk, but at the same time there are conversations, relationships, and movements that start here, and go on to impact the world.” I think this is a brilliant way of looking at the world of youtube and we should realize the platforms it has allowed us to use. Using creative commons allows us to collaborate with people around the world across time and space legally. If things are liked online, more and more people get a chance to see it. This is how people like Keenan Cahill get videos with 50 cent and other famous people. It is not just a place to put up dumb videos but its a place to interact with the world.

Where Will It End?

24 Mar

The majority of things we get online or use in day to day activity can be seen a sealing someones ideas. How crazy is that? Most of us can understand that stealing music is illegal and downloading it can give us huge fine, but we still do it anyway. But, the question is, what is seen as stealing and how do we properly address forms or borrowing? When discussing the remixes we saw in class on Thursday, many of us thought they were funny and innovative. It was interesting to see different ways to view a movie preview and how certain aspects like music and word placement can change the meaning of a work. We discussed whether this would be considered stealing though because technically the movie is already made and the same clips are being used in the remix, but the order, music, and wording are all changed. Should this be considered copyright infringement?
People today say phrases like “don’t use my word” or “that was my idea first.” How are these things determined and why do people think these things? I think it is a form of showing that our population wants to be recognized for their thoughts and to be credit for them. This is all fine and great until people start actually copyrighting words and the population then has to pay for the use of those words every time we want to use them. Where does it end? In class we also discussed the idea of play directors wanting to copyright their movements on stage so no one else can use them. There are only so many different positions though that this would be near impossible. For now, we only have to worry about giving attribution to people we discuss in papers and the ideas we use but in the future we may be paying directly for certain words just because they are copyrighted. The copyright law used to last for fourteen year and now it last for 170 years. It just has to make us wonder whats tep is next and what will we have to do to avoid it.

Old Habits Die Hard

5 Mar

Crest or Colgate? A&P or ShopRite? The places to shop and brands to buy are never ending and it always seems that we prefer one over the other. How silly is it to pay more for certain brands and to shop at three different stores in order to get your favorite milk, shampoo, and meat selection. After reading this article, I realized how ridiculous it actually was to do thins but they make a good point, we all like to stick to our traditions. So the question is, how to we change those traditions. According to Target, their marketing for their supplies is crucial to how well their stores do and how much money they make. They think that by targeting expecting mothers in their second trimester is the most effective way to get people to buy anything and everything they could possible need at their stores.
“We knew that if we could identify them in their second trimester, there’s a good chance we could capture them for years,” Pole told me. “As soon as we get them buying diapers from us, they’re going to start buying everything else too. If you’re rushing through the store, looking for bottles, and you pass orange juice, you’ll grab a carton. Oh, and there’s that new DVD I want. Soon, you’ll be buying cereal and paper towels from us, and keep coming back.” I think this is brilliant of Target because their tactics are so simple and yet completely accurate. One of my family members, my aunt, just had a baby recently and she is a very picky eater and she likes certain brands for all of her foods. She is a single mom and found herself shopping at Target very frequently because it was down the street from her house. Since she was buying baby formula there, she was also picking up clothing, toys a few items for herself, and several groceries to put in the fridge. She was not a person who would ever do this but I think because her time is limited to when she can shop, stores like Target are a big hit. Working full time, she wants to spend as much time with her child as possible and by going to places that have everything you need, it cuts down on shopping times dramatically.

facebook vs twitter

5 Mar

I never thought living without Facebook would be as easy as it was but without having it to regularly see what friends are doing or to see new pictures being added, I have more time to tweet on my twitter account. While many times I find it hard to tweet three times a day for class, I can always find something random to tweet. Throughout the day I can tweet multiple times but when it comes to making a tweet for class, I draw a blank. In fact, when I look at other people’s tweets I think to myself, “I wonder how they thought of that” or I see others who often tweet “I don’t know what to tweet” and I think to myself, why didn’t I think to do something that simple myself. It turns out that tweeting three times a day is harder than I thought it would be and I am very surprised each day when I spend several minutes thinking of what to tweet. As the semester has continued though, I have interacted more with other people in the class making it much easier to retweet things they say or to even comment on tweets they have posted. It makes the whole process much easier and this way I have more than three tweets a day for class.

No Facebook

5 Mar

“No Facebook for one week”. Those words almost put me into a panic on Tuesday but I hav not really missed it since then While it has only been two days, I have not missed it and in fact, I realized why I spent so much time on it. NOt becasue I love seeing other people’s complaints or becasue I need to know where someone is traveling over spring break, but just because I liked to procrastinate and not get started doing homeowrk. Frequently while writing papers I find myself saying “Facebook check” simply becasue I have a break in my train of thought and instead of just thinking abouyt my nect idea, checking Facebook is the more realistic option.
While our addictions to Facebook seem absurd and the thought of not using it for a week may send many into a panick, it really is not as bad as many may think. I find myself doing homework sooner and having more time to chat with friends and do other things with them. I think this experiment will be successful and make me realize that it is not something I need to go on five times a day for basically no specific reason.