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Final Prezi Project

5 Apr

For my Prezi, I focused on the social networking sites and why I use them. Along the way, i discovered how little I need these sites and deactivated my FaceBook FOR GOOD! I think my Prezi comes full circle and I get my point across. ThoughI had a hard time writing my narrative, I think it turned out pretty well. I am more creative in ways like Prezi, and drawing. Not with writing. But, all in all I think I have a good piece here. Excuse some of the background noise, I was babysitting! The internet was also a little laggy, but it’s the only place I could get internet since my mom is laid off and we cannot afford to have internet at our house right now and I can’t connect to the internet at school and I didn’t want to do it in a lab for everyone to here.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂




Prezi with new link!

27 Mar

Although I am still working on my Prezi project and still finding things to put into it, I am finally getting the swing of it. I just about had a nervous breakdown yesterday trying to figure it out. Now that I understand it better, its going by a lot easier than I thought. I am trying really hard to find a good video to put onto my prezi still and some more images. My narrative is done for the more part, I just need to do some editing and take out or add more parts.

I liked doing this project, I just wish we were allowed time to work on it in class. I have so much homework for my other classes and I work full time so I haven’t been able to dedicate my full focus and attention to this project like I would’ve liked to. Below is a link to my Prezi rough draft. Enjoy!

Copyright Infringement?

23 Mar

When surfing the web have you ever wondered where some of the stuff you are reading actually comes from? Unless something is copyrighted, there is no proof if the ideas are the ideas of the person who posted the stuff. I surf the internet all the time and it never even comes to mind that a picture I’m using or an idea I get could be copyrighted.

All of this also plays into the issue that all college students have to make sure they do not commit; plagiarism. Unless you properly cite a source, it is considered plagiarizing and you could get kicked out of the school you are attending.  It is a serious issue. In high school, i was never taught how to properly cite my work and in college it is expected of you to know how to do it.

There are some websites where you are required to submit your paper online and it checks to see if you stole any of your work from the internet. The only thing is though, (as we discussed in class) there are only so many combi
nations of the words you are using. Something you write innocently in your own words could possibly be somewhere out there on the internet and you would have no idea. But, since this website found it somewhere online, you could get penalized for plagiarism.

Less Budget for Early Childhood Education

8 Mar

While this article (linked below) is for the state of Kentucky, who knows what’s going to happen for the other states including New Jersey. $7.5 million dollars LESS is in the budget for early childhood education which was originally $15 million. Though this still leaves a large sum of money, is it really enough?

As a student going to college to be an early childhood education teacher, this boggles my mind. The early childhood years are the most important years in fostering a child’s learning. How you set them up in preschool and kindergarten is going to set them up for their future in schooling. How could someone take away from that? Early years of schooling are what gives a child socialization skills, where they learn to write their name, identify numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, and many other things. Yes a child can learn those things in later years of school, but that is only going to set them back and put them behind on what they really should be learning at certain ages. Early childhood education isn’t any less of schooling then elementary or secondary education. If anything it is MORE important.

Even though they are assuring people that with less of a budget, the early childhood education for children will stay the same, how could it? Less of a budget means less room for children, less supplies, and less of other things. The budget should be cut in things that aren’t as necessary for children (which I’m not going to state now because that can be saved for another blog). I can only hope that budget cuts for early childhood education don’t keep happening.


Safe Shopping?

8 Mar

I never would’ve thought that when I went shopping at Target or any other store for the matter, I would be tracked for everything I do. It is crazy to me that when you enter a store you are given a code that detects so much about you just by what you buy. I’m honestly a little creeped out by the fact that Target can find out my age, where I live, and other demographics about me by what I purchase at their store. Andrew Pole, is somewhat of a genius though. For one person to come up a way to figure this all out is amazing as creepy as it is.

I feel violated and almost afraid to shop now because I don’t need random people knowing all of this information about me. Especially the fact that they can purchase more information on a person that they cannot find out themselves. I understand it is all for revenue and to get people to keep coming back into the store, but don’t enough people shop there already? Is it necessary to do all these sneaky things behind people’s backs to try to get them to shop at Target? I don’t think it is. As smart of a thing this was to create and it could change the whole outlook on shopping, I don’t think it is right to do. People have the right to at least some sort of privacy and this is completely violating it.

No Facebook for a Week?!

1 Mar

I was given an assignment to not use Facebook for a whole week. Let me tell you it has only been two days and it has been hard. I am usually always logged onto Facebook on my phone and when I get bored, I go on and check out what’s going on. I haven’t been able to do that and I almost feel a sense of withdrawal. I don’t really use Facebook to post stuff and keep people updated on my life. I use it to keep in touch with my friends, to post pictures, and do what everyone is notorious for doing… stalking. I think stalking can be too harsh though because you aren’t really “stalking” you’re just looking up different people who you may or may not be friends with.

As a student, not being able to log onto Facebook has helped me to not procrastinate as much and actually get my work done. When I go onto my computer, since I can’t use Facebook I resort to getting my homework done which has helped me to feel less stressed so far. As for my friends, it doesn’t really make a difference that I’m not on Facebook because I communicate to my friends through other ways such as texting, and I see them on a daily basis. Facebook is primarily for keeping in touch with people you don’t see as often. Since you already don’t see or talk to them, what’s a week not being on Facebook matter?

As a professional, when I graduated from college I had already planned to completely delete my Facebook. At that point in my life I don’t think it will be that important anymore as I can already see it being a less prominent thing in my life now. Facebook is tricky when trying to get a job, and with me trying to become a future educator I need to be very careful of what I post online. I think it will be easier to just delete Facebook.

Even though it’s only been two days and it has been a little hard not to log on Facebook, I can see it not being as big of a deal later on in the week. I’m already starting to get used to it. Plus, I still have Twitter! J

Are You Who You Say You Are?

1 Mar

  My online identity is a good as the real me. I stay true to who am I because I believe people should take me as I am, you either love me or hate me. I am only a member of the well known sites of Facebook and Twitter and for each of those sites I say what’s on my mind. I am a person without a filter; I say whatever to whomever and it doesn’t matter where.


On my Facebook I have listed where I go to school, where I work, when I was born, and lots of other information you would be curious to know about me. I rarely post statuses though; I mainly use it to keep in touch with friends and to post pictures of what’s happening in my life. For my Twitter, I don’t have all the information that I have on my Facebook because Twitter to me is less formal. I mostly only use it follow celebrities and my friends who do not have a Facebook. I tweet a lot; sometimes up to 15 times a day or more. If you posted that many statuses on Facebook everyone would think you are annoying but that’s the norm for Twitter.

I do know people who reinvented themselves after high school and made all new Facebooks and things because in college, no one knows who you are. For me, I don’t care enough to do that. I kept my same Facebook (which I had only made during my senior year) and I continued to be who I always was. I had made a twitter awhile ago but I started actively using it in early 2011. I enjoy these social networking sites. They are easy to use and if you really wanted to, you could become anyone you wish to be, which could be scary because you don’t know who you are really talking to.