Prezi with new link!

27 Mar

Although I am still working on my Prezi project and still finding things to put into it, I am finally getting the swing of it. I just about had a nervous breakdown yesterday trying to figure it out. Now that I understand it better, its going by a lot easier than I thought. I am trying really hard to find a good video to put onto my prezi still and some more images. My narrative is done for the more part, I just need to do some editing and take out or add more parts.

I liked doing this project, I just wish we were allowed time to work on it in class. I have so much homework for my other classes and I work full time so I haven’t been able to dedicate my full focus and attention to this project like I would’ve liked to. Below is a link to my Prezi rough draft. Enjoy!


Identity Project Summary

27 Mar

For my Prezi I looked at how we see the different sites we use. I used pictures of myself and photos I have taken to help with my identity. As well as images of each of the sites I have a profile on. In my narrative I wrote about how we are trained to be apart of these social sites like mice are trained in mazes. Each of the domains has different norms that become habits and a part of our daily routine. Then i showed my affinity groups that consist of my followers and friends. Throughout my narrative I compared the identities of the virtual world to the real world by using the symbol of the seesaw and how a balance is necessary, but not always possible. I feel as if this assignment showed me how so many people turn to the virtual world to show who they really are. That even I use my online identity as a part of my daily routine. Now it seems like the Internet and virtual world is taking over my identity, but it is still showing who I am. The seesaw has remained weighted toward the virtual world, but I have found a way to stay connected in the real world with out virtual means becoming my only identity. I want to know if there can ever be a balance between the two worlds.



Identity Project

27 Mar

For my identitiy project, I focused on all of the sites I use as well as pictures that describe who I am. This project is not complete and I had so many problems along the way. I also have many other things I want to add to it as well as change parts of my narrative. I am finally getting the hang of prezi. Enjoy

The Identity of a Teacher

25 Mar


Some say that everyone changes their “identity” in different situations, from being on the internet to talking with your family. Teachers need to have a “perfect identity”. They are always being put up on pedestals and no one remembers that they are human too.

I do agree that teachers should have a sense of ethics. But, we need to understand that they are human too. Teachers cannot be perfect one hundred percent of the time, and neither can anybody else. If you put a teacher on a very high pedestal they only have a longer way to fall down.

Identity is who you are, where you have come from, and what your personality is. Teachers need to have a “secret identity” because they must be perfect. They cannot drink alcohol because this is not considered being perfect. They also should not have a social network page such as Facebook or Twitter because they could also talk about things that may not be considered “perfect”.

A teacher’s “secret identity” is how they really are with their friends and family. They cannot let their students see this person, the other side. It is what society has made teachers to be and why when they fall off the pedestal it is such a long drop.

Is anything ever completely original?

25 Mar

When posting on YouTube users have to be careful when being imposed with copyright infringement. “The way to ensure that your video doesn’t infringe someone else’s copyright is to use your skills and imagination to create something completely original,” (Copyright Tips on YouTube). But how do you create something “completely original” when most people generate ideas from another piece of work because there is some inspiration behind the new idea.

Online YouTube offers self-help pages about preventing copyright, what copyright is, and what happens when you upload infringing content. YouTube has these pages as disclaimers to project their website and others original pieces of work. They also offer this disclaimer,


On YouTube all videos, clips, and audio have to be original works. However, aren’t there numerous videos that are remakes of other videos or responses to other videos? Are they “completely original” works if they are responses or reactions to other original works? I wonder what exact regulations or guidelines are written out they decided exactly what videos are “completely original” and what are copies.

In the chapter, “Copyright and American culture: Ideas, expressions, and democracy,” by Siva Vaidhyanathan says, “Copyright was created as a policy that balanced the interests of authors, publishers, and readers,” (Vaidhtanathan, 20). It is a way to protect the creators of the “completely original” pieces of work. It is hard to believe that a lot of videos on YouTube are remaining online and are considered original pieces of work. I have seen numerous videos that are remakes, responses, or paradoxes of other videos.

What makes some thing “completely original” if it’s a response to another video or the idea was inspired from another video?

24 Mar

The theme that keeps coming up in all of the readings and videos is the fact that we all have our own identity and we are consistently trying to figure out ways to show it to everyone. Whether it is on gaming sites like SIMS or on YouTube, it never seems to go away. While all of these people and places are separate, I feel as though we should start seeing them as one, large place where we all interact. Online people pose this new identity, something new about them but is it really a new identity? Or is it something they feel more free to show on a camera? Either way I think it is important to see this correlation between he two and realize that maybe these online sites should be used more. It might offer a place for people to come out of their shell and become more comfortable with who they are. Since places like Facebook and YouTube are only growing in size and with users, it might be time to change our ways of teaching and learning to utilize these new technologies people are so fond of. Especially bein that all of us would like to be teachers, the point of all of this is to find new and improved ways to make learning as fun and effective as possible. That change might happen sooner than we think with the increasing number of people finding online places the thing to use.


24 Mar

I never realized how large of a phenomenon YouTube has become and how many people actually use it today and how large the growth has been since it was first made. It links people in ways that we never would have thought and in the video “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube,” we can see just how interacted we are with people from around the world. Wesch made a video online and wanted to use music from a guy in Africa and because this man put his music on creative commons, Wesch was able to use his music without stealing it. One person comment on this video saying this “It’s amazing to actually reflect on the significance of this platform and the culture that has grown out of it. I’ve heard people criticize youtube as being 90% babies and guys getting hit in the junk, but at the same time there are conversations, relationships, and movements that start here, and go on to impact the world.” I think this is a brilliant way of looking at the world of youtube and we should realize the platforms it has allowed us to use. Using creative commons allows us to collaborate with people around the world across time and space legally. If things are liked online, more and more people get a chance to see it. This is how people like Keenan Cahill get videos with 50 cent and other famous people. It is not just a place to put up dumb videos but its a place to interact with the world.