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Print > E-book?

23 Feb

With technology being so prevalent today, it makes it hard for things to be done the way they used to be because older ways are becoming obsolete.

I personally feel that text that is printed in front of me is much easier to understand than reading it on a computer screen. If I have it printed out in front of me I can make notes and annotate the text a lot easier than having it on the computer where you can’t make notes as easily.

I also prefer to read alphabetic texts rather than visual or aural because I tend to be able to understand it better. When I listen to something read to me, it’s honestly in on ear and out the other. I have a hard time paying attention and I don’t comprehend it as well as I do when I read an actual alphabetic text. Visuals do not help me either.

Culture nowadays has changed drastically. Children are raised on technologies like iPads, cellphones, computers, etc. When I was growing up those types of technologies were not around. The computer became popular when I was around seven and it was terrible quality compared to now. I think it is great that the culture today is more technology savvy because very soon in the future technology is going to be way more advanced than it is today. You can right a paper without having to worry about spelling, a thesaurus right on the screen, and many other things. I think the expansion on technology is amazing.