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The World of Wi-fi

23 Feb

You would probably never expect for technology to become so advanced as it is. People today, especially children are incredibly influenced by technology. Almost everywhere you go you see a child plugged into some sort of electronic device. With wi-fi available at almost any location nowadays, you can use the internet anywhere, even on your phones which most kids ages 10 and above have.

The internet is something a child can take advantage of. Completely irrelevant but if you watch General Hospital on ABC, a character Molly has reinvented herself into this alter ego on an internet site. No one knows who she is so it doesn’t matter. Children can get sucked into this sort of thing; to try to be cool or fit in is one of the most important things to kids. It’s a dangerous place for kids to be using when they don’t know enough about it. When I first started going online, I never thought of what was actually going on. I never thought there could be creepy old men pretending to be young or just a bunch of weirdos trying to talk to you.

I realized how scary the internet could be when I actually had a stalker on MySpace. He told me he would find out where I live and asked me to send pictures of myself to him. I never did, but it was scary when he started threatening me. I was young and had no idea what I had gotten myself into and now I am extremely cautious when using the internet.

(image from firstamendmentcenter.org )