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No Facebook

1 Mar

As a class experiment, our class was told to give up Facebook for a week. At first, I thought I was going to die without Facebook. I kept wondering what my friends were doing and I wanted to go on Facebook so badly to find out. I deleted the Facebook app as well as the Facebook chat app off of my phone so I would not be tempted to sneak on Facebook. I also changed my homepage on my laptop. Although I haven’t been on Facebook, I have noticed that I am on twitter way more than I ever have been. I have been without Facebook for three days and I love it. I no longer mind not knowing what everyone is doing or where my friends are. I also find myself being more productive. I have been spending the time I used to spend on Facebook on other things such as homework, studying, or using twitter. I thought for sure I would have caved in and used Facebook a million times already, but I haven’t. When I told my friends that I was giving up Facebook they thought I was crazy. They tried convincing me to cheat or sneak on Facebook so I wouldn’t miss anything. I kept going back and forth on whether or not I could actually be Facebook free, but as soon as I did it, I was happy. I thought of all the positive outcomes from not having Facebook such as being more productive and being more professional when the time comes for me to get my first teaching job. I’m glad I gave up Facebook for a week, but when the week is over, I’m deleting Facebook. By giving up Facebook, I realized that there are other ways to communicate with others, not having a Facebook will only improve my chances of getting a job in the future, and I have been more productive without Facebook.