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Less Budget for Early Childhood Education

8 Mar

While this article (linked below) is for the state of Kentucky, who knows what’s going to happen for the other states including New Jersey. $7.5 million dollars LESS is in the budget for early childhood education which was originally $15 million. Though this still leaves a large sum of money, is it really enough?

As a student going to college to be an early childhood education teacher, this boggles my mind. The early childhood years are the most important years in fostering a child’s learning. How you set them up in preschool and kindergarten is going to set them up for their future in schooling. How could someone take away from that? Early years of schooling are what gives a child socialization skills, where they learn to write their name, identify numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, and many other things. Yes a child can learn those things in later years of school, but that is only going to set them back and put them behind on what they really should be learning at certain ages. Early childhood education isn’t any less of schooling then elementary or secondary education. If anything it is MORE important.

Even though they are assuring people that with less of a budget, the early childhood education for children will stay the same, how could it? Less of a budget means less room for children, less supplies, and less of other things. The budget should be cut in things that aren’t as necessary for children (which I’m not going to state now because that can be saved for another blog). I can only hope that budget cuts for early childhood education don’t keep happening.