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Safe Shopping?

8 Mar

I never would’ve thought that when I went shopping at Target or any other store for the matter, I would be tracked for everything I do. It is crazy to me that when you enter a store you are given a code that detects so much about you just by what you buy. I’m honestly a little creeped out by the fact that Target can find out my age, where I live, and other demographics about me by what I purchase at their store. Andrew Pole, is somewhat of a genius though. For one person to come up a way to figure this all out is amazing as creepy as it is.

I feel violated and almost afraid to shop now because I don’t need random people knowing all of this information about me. Especially the fact that they can purchase more information on a person that they cannot find out themselves. I understand it is all for revenue and to get people to keep coming back into the store, but don’t enough people shop there already? Is it necessary to do all these sneaky things behind people’s backs to try to get them to shop at Target? I don’t think it is. As smart of a thing this was to create and it could change the whole outlook on shopping, I don’t think it is right to do. People have the right to at least some sort of privacy and this is completely violating it.


Internet Identity

5 Mar

For class we were assigned to read an article called “Who Am We” which talks about our online identity. Personally I thought the article was very strange, but it did have some very good points.  After reading the article I started thinking about my online identity and about other people’s identities. How do people perceive me online? Do I act the same online as I do in person? I kept asking myself these questions and finally I made a list of all the sites I use (which is not many) and thought about how people may perceive me. First, I use Facebook. If someone were to visit my Facebook page they would see that it is private because I do not add people I do not know. I also do not have where I go to school, where I work, my phone number, or any other personal information. I do not put this information on Facebook because it is not safe to share that kind of information with the public. Even though my page is on private there are ways of getting that information. Someone will be able to see who my friends are, what I look like, what I do for fun, and sometimes where I am going. I do not post many status updates, so someone would not be able to tell too much about be from that. In a way I guess I am not being completely honest on Facebook because I do not give my information, but it is only to protect myself. Next, I use Twitter. The only information about my identity someone would get from Twitter about me is what I am doing and my name. My tweets are completely honest (which could probably offend someone), but that is just me. I am a very honest person and I am not going to hide who I am because I am using twitter. I also use Instagram. By looking at my Instagram, a person would see a lot of pictures of my favorite foods, my friends, and my interests. Lastly, I just started blogging for class. I do not really like blogging, but people who read my blogs can learn what I am learning about in school and my opinions on certain issues. After I figured out my different internet identities, I realized that I am the same person online as I am in person. I do not lie about anything on the internet to make myself seem “cooler.” There are so many people that lie about themselves online and it is important to be careful when using these sites because there are creepy people in the world.