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Technology in the Classroom

23 Feb

I agree with Jenkins points that technology should be taught in the classroom and that it is the teachers responsibility to teach technology to his/her students. If the teacher doesn’t teach technology and all that it has to offer a student will never learn it. I believe that technology should be taught in the classroom because it is very important for students to learn the new types of technology and all that technology has to offer. We are living in a world full of technology and technology is constantly changing. If we do not teach students anything about technology they will not know how to use it at all. If we teach technology, students are more likely to get better jobs because they do know how to use different types of technology. Blake Ross, from the article, was not taught technology in the classroom, he taught himself about technology by playing simcity. Blake Ross ended up creating different webpages and eventually created Firefox. Technology should be taught in the classroom because you do not know what your children will do in the future, so we should give them all the skills we can to succeed in life. I also believe that it is important to incorporate technology in the classroom. There are so many softwares for teachers to use such as kidspiration and inspiration that can be used in the classroom as ways to teach your students. By using these softwares, teachers can get away from using handouts and use these different softwares to engage their students in learning. Technology is a very important aspect of a classroom and should be taught in schools.