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Alphabetic vs Aural/Visual Text

23 Feb

1)    Can alphabetic text compete with visual and aural?

I think alphabetic text can compete with visual/aural text. Visual/aural text is still fairly new to some people as well as different technologies. Not everyone grew up with technology so they had to learn it as they got older. It’s harder for people to learn something they know absolutely nothing about so some people would choose alphabetic text over visual/aural because it has been around for a long time and they are comfortable using it. People who grew up using different technologies would most likely prefer visual/aural because they are used to looking at a screen or reading off of a screen for everything because of all the technology they have been using their whole life. I personally prefer alphabetic text because I can’t read off of a screen without it bothering my eyes. I stare at a screen everyday for schoolwork and different assignments, so when it comes to reading I prefer to actually have the book.

2)    Is alphabetic text on the screen the same as text on a printed page?

I do not believe that text on the screen is the same as text on a printed page. I find it harder to read text on a screen because of the light in the background. The text on a printed page doesn’t have a light on the background that bothers your eyes from staring at it for too long. It is much easier to read text on a printed page.

3)      What is the role of culture in any change that is taking place?

Change is always happening. Technology, for example, is constantly changing and culture plays a huge role in that change. When technology is changing all we can do is accept the changes. Many people are using kindles instead of books, so people no longer have to go to the library. People are shopping online instead of leaving their house to go to the mall. Technology also plays a huge role in schools. Teachers incorporate technology in their lessons, whether it is the smart board or using computers for different literacy or math activities. More and more people are using technology and our culture is very accepting of this.