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Do you think written word is changing where and how you read?

23 Feb

Can the written word compete with visual pictures and aural word? Is the written word the same on the screen and on the printed page? These two questions are what a lot of journalist’s and writers are grappling with. We live in an age where the Internet, which includes  blogs, and social networks, that define our writing.

Many of our books today are in digital form, including text books. Did you know that apple was going to make a deal with high school’s across the nation that any text-book bought on an iPad was only going to cost 14.99. You can see the appeal first and foremost in the price. But, what about the people who love a good book? A book that is in your hand that you can feel, touch and smell. According to JD. Bolter who wrote Writing space: Computers, hypertext, and the remediation of print, said “Because of the tension between print and digital forms, the idea of the book is changing. for most of us today, the printed book remains the embodiment of text. Both authors and as readers, we still regard books and journals as the place to locate our most prestigious text.” Although with that said, we are seeing that kindles and nooks and iPads with readers are all over the place. Most of the people in a book club I came across have a kindle. I was thinking about buying one myself until I realized that I dislike reading off of a computer screen. Which brings us to the question, is the written word the same on the screen and on the printed page? Well I think that the words are the same but how you read them may be different. I know for me it is easier to read long passages, either novels or essay on a piece of paper rather a computer screen, but maybe this is because I am still not use to it entirely. The generations below me probably will not think twice about reading something off of a screen.

Where ever written words are, the way to enhance them is with visual pictures and videos. I don’t think that written word is competing with them but they are working together to create something artistically great. You will never see a website with out pictures, unless you are looking at a bad website, and all websites have words. Language, words, and writing are changing, they always have been and they always will. Computers and the Internet are one part of the change in writing and there will be many more to come.