Final Prezi

20 Apr

For my final prezi project I chose to focus on my identity and my internet identity. I used quotes from Sherry Turkles reading “Who Am We” to argue my point that I am the same online as I am in person.  I also described all of my different identities.



11 Apr

Sorry guys I got the dates mixed up with another project I had due this past week. With that being said, I focused my prezi on my identity and how all of the online sites I use daily portray different parts of my identity. Parts of my identity are only expressed on these online sites like facebook and twitter, but at the same time, I am portraying myself as a whole in each of them. I share different information in each one, depending on who the online site is geared toward. I also discussed how stores can track what we buy and determine what ads we see and what pop-ups appear on our computers. I learned a lot about my online world but I also learned a lot about myself while completing this project, it was very interesting to see this transformation.

Final Prezi Project!!

6 Apr

For the Prezi project on Identity I focused on the different online profiles I have created for myself. Throughout my project I showed viewers how I use the Internet and the comparison of my virtual and real world identities. While doing this project I really thought about how I portray myself and use the Internet. In the end I realized that I do use the Internet a lot, but I have projected myself on to the internet in appropriate ways. At the conclusion of the project I realized I am happy with who I am on the Internet and certainly off of the internet. It is amazing how much people use the Internet on a daily basis. I have numerous profiles online that create semiotic domains with pictures, texts, and videos that have showed people my identity. Overall, I think I was successful with showing who I am on the Internet, evaluate how I use it, and analyze some of the articles we had looked at throughout this module. ENJOY!

Identity: Will Yours Shine Through?

6 Apr

The project that we did in class is all about identity and what is your identity online. It was interesting to do and think about. I figured out that everyone tweaks their own identity depending on the space they are in. I may change mine a little when I am talking on this blog from when I am on Facebook. But in the end the question is; will your identity shine through? Please enjoy my prezi presentation about Identity linked below.

Final Prezi Project

5 Apr

For my Prezi, I focused on the social networking sites and why I use them. Along the way, i discovered how little I need these sites and deactivated my FaceBook FOR GOOD! I think my Prezi comes full circle and I get my point across. ThoughI had a hard time writing my narrative, I think it turned out pretty well. I am more creative in ways like Prezi, and drawing. Not with writing. But, all in all I think I have a good piece here. Excuse some of the background noise, I was babysitting! The internet was also a little laggy, but it’s the only place I could get internet since my mom is laid off and we cannot afford to have internet at our house right now and I can’t connect to the internet at school and I didn’t want to do it in a lab for everyone to here.  Hope you enjoy! 🙂




28 Mar

Have you ever thought about why you always get ads for super cute shoes or amazing vacation destinations on Facebook? Well, I never thought about it until I read an article for class called “How Companies Learn Your Secret.” Facebook keeps track of all the sites we visit and show ads for the sites we visit the most. For example, I am always looking up flights and vacation destinations, which is why I always have ads for some vacation on my Facebook. I find it very creepy that the sites I use are being tracked. It feels almost like my privacy is being invaded. However, we are not only being tracked online, but in stores as well. Target gives everyone of their customers a “guest ID” and keeps track of everyone of their customers by what they buy, the emails they open from target, etc. The “guest ID” has information about the customers age, marital status, whether or not he/she has children, and their estimated salary. They can also find out information about you ethnicity, the magazines you read, or the type of coffee you drink. It is almost like you can’t go shopping anymore without being tracked. There is no such thing as privacy anymore.


28 Mar

Everyone has different “identities.” We all play different roles in society and are expected to act differently in each of these roles. I am a student, daughter, receptionist, sister, and friend. When I am at work, I do not act the same way that I do when I am at home with my family or when I am hanging out with my friends. At work, I am expected to act in a professional and serious way. When I am with my friends, I am not as serious and can have fun. As a student, I am calm, quiet, studious, and responsible. Everyone has different identities, but that does not mean that we “lie” about the person we are. If we were to act crazy and unprofessional at a job, we would no longer be employed. That is why we have different “identities” and act differently in all situations.